Workshop Music and Technology #2

In a collaboration with the two associations BrutPop and J’imaginerais, we organized a two-days session with children with Autism┬áSpectrum Disorder (ASD) to co-create musical interfaces.

The aim of this workshop is to take the principle of constructing a sound map and enhance it by providing new forms of interaction with the map and, through this, with sound synthesis models.

Recording session: each child chooses their own sounds, or try to choose sounds based on those of others, so that they go well together. Those sounds recorded will be used in next sessions to play with them. This session took place outside to record sounds from people’s familiar surroundings.

Construction of a musical interface: the next sessions focused on the construction of a sound map as a musical interface to play with the sound recorded previously. The construction of the map involved a number of methods other than sound recording, in particular more focused on plastic art, drawing, cutting out, or finally the telling of a story to imagine a story around the map. The aim of these different methods is to involve the children in different ways.

The workshop finished by the recording of narration / musical sessions.

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